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At least for the Foodie and Avid Traveller Singaporean, the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions have resulted in a demand surge of international snacks imports … and also the forseeable out-of-stock situation on both online and offline shelves.

Our inability to travel – see, taste and experience beyond the local offerings, has led to the increased demand in the one semblance of an overseas venture; the food.

Actual cuisines and authentic street food cannot be imported and so the Avid Traveller Singaporean turns to the next possible item – imported snacks!

These are popular snacks iconic of countries like China, Korea, Indonesia to even Scotch eggs from Tesco in the UK.
Singaporeans crave for these foods because they hail from countries we would have otherwise travelled to, if were not for the ongoing pandemic. As such, snack imports are on the rise but with only so few product varieties that are often out-of-stock and not consolidated onto one platform.

This results in the cumbersome process of calling up grocery outlets for stock updates. Shoppers might have to hop from one eCommerce platform to the next to check for stock availability and end up with unconsolidated tracking of purchases – from shopping on multiple eCommerce platforms.

With the new COVID19 variant – Omicron, at the brink of wreaking havoc again, the world’s anticipation for a breakthrough relaxation of global travel restrictions, is dampened.

Singapore only has to make do with what we have now. We will not let the coming years slip us by like how the past two years did.
There was nothing to look forward to and at the end of each year, we cannot recall anything memorable that has happened.

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We are a consolidated Snacks eCommerce platform for you to shop (i) the popular, (ii) the always OUT-OF-STOCK and the (ii) rarer snacks of the region.

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Because we have been established for our User’s gastronomic “Travel” experience, GaiGai’s online snacking shelves are YOUR local snack pantries of your favourite regional snacks.

We look forward to your recommendations of the snacks we can bring in and the countries we could import your favourite snacks from.

In these times, let’s travel the world safely with our tastebuds!