GaiGai Singapore responds to demand for eCommerce shelves to carry grocery items

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GaiGai Singapore responds to demand for eCommerce shelves to carry grocery items
Users’ additional request for Platform Perks to cover newly-requested product category


Singapore, 31 May 2022 – After half a year of operating as Singapore’s first Regional eCommerce platform for snacking choices from China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, the mobile shopping platform has served an approximate 54,200 orders for Singaporeans.

Serving as a partial relief for Singapore’s pandemic fatigue then and the possible current paranoia faced by Singapore’s more travel-conservative demographic, GaiGai Singapore is the first dedicated platform of such to eradicate the User’s vexation from hopping across retail stores to secure fast-selling snacks. This shopping app is a one-stop platform for the consolidation of highly-raved snacks and prevents the possible communication breakdown or fraud should Users liaise directly with unscrupulous Regional retailers.

With the complimentary advantage of islandwide delivery at no minimum spend, the Regional snacks eCommerce proved attractive to locals who yearn for the novel foreign snack.That said, assessing our User’s snacking preferences from GaiGai’s bi-monthly in-app surveys, revealed the rising demand for grocery items. Possibly stemming from the enthusiasm to leverage GaiGai Singapore’s complimentary delivery at no minimum spend, the numbers revealed a sizeable high buyer interest demographic for items which Users consume at a more regular basis.

GaiGai Singapore acknowledges the User’s wish to address grocery needs with the ultimate convenience, but at minimal additional expense.

After much evaluation, the 6-months old Regional snacks eCommerce platform shall add to its inventories, the Daily Needs product category; furnished with products outsourced by GaiGai Singapore’s Product Specialists based in the 5 onboarded countries. With such a turn taken in the platform’s product offerings and in the transition of global borders reopening, GaiGai Singapore will, likewise, expand her shelves of regional items.

As of today, 30 June 2022, GaiGai is proud to sport the Daily Needs category with the following Product sub-sections: Household, Health & Beauty and Cooking Essentials. Per the request of Users, the sale of the Daily Needs items will be offered along with the app’s cherished, ‘Free islandwide Delivery @ No minimum spend’. This eCommerce platform remains resilient in her mission to deliver the ultimate convenience for her Users, as a one-stop destination for Users to shop products relevant and important to them.

About GaiGai

GaiGai Singapore is now GaiGai and strives to be Singapore’s most relevant eCommerce shopping platform. Here, the User’s involvement on how they would like their in-app shelf to be, is key. The eCommerce shopping platform will differentiate itself from similar businesses with her customer-centric and involving strategies so that product shelves can be meaningful to the cherished Users.

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