Rise of the Chinese Culinary World

China’s innovative wisdom is endless.
Of all cuisines in the world, the Chinese cuisine always has her place in a foreign country. This is evident from the random sprouting of Chinatown(s) in countries like Indonesia, Australia, United States to even Argentina – the country furthest from China. In all, there are 35 Chinatowns in 19 countries spread over Asia, Europe and the Unites States.

The Chinese cuisine is a refreshing break from our native food and offers a different flavour experience. This article explores two key factors which enable the Chinese cuisine to permeate local flavours.

The rich and diverse food cultures of China

Due to its various regions, China boasts an inexhaustible number of dishes adorn with spices unique to the region of origin. The Chinese cuisine’s sophisticated processing, ingredients and distinctive flavours are enjoyed internationally with much popularity and recognition.
This is particularly so for these cuisines of the Cantonese, Hunan and Sze Chuan.

China is quick to adapt their diverse regional cuisines to a foreign country’s market

China fuses the traditional roots of their culinary recipes (be it the spice or the way of cooking) with a part of the foreign country’s local food culture, in the hope that the Chinese cuisine can appeal to the local tastebuds. China carries this out very successfully.

An example would be her Sze Chuan Mala that has permeated the global culinary world.

Mala orginated from the southwestern region of Sze Chuan and has been adapted into all forms of edibles from the conventional Malatang hot pot, Mala xiang guo to light edibles of Mala Fish skin, Mala Shitake chips, Mala Beancurd skin and Mala Cassava chips, on top of countless others.

Point to note is that the Mala trend did not just sprout randomly in these edibles but the Mala flavour is easily adapted into products that thrived in the market at any point:

Fish skin – Singapore discovers a cooler and boujee version of chips
Shitake Chips, Beancurd Skin, Cassava chips – Singapore realises health is paramount yet refuses to give up her love for crunchy snacks

With China’s versatility of their cuisines being adapted into the local eats, it is no wonder the Chinese food culture is widely adopted across national boundaries.

Until the next time GaiGai introduces a new country for your snack-venture!