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As Singapore’s First and Largest Regional Snacks eCommerce platform, we are proud to announce that CHINA. JAPAN, KOREA. THAILAND, INDONESIA have onboarded – with more to come!

Highly-raved. Hard to find in your local grocery stores – GaiGai imports the newest snacking raves so you won’t need to shop-hop across eCommerce platforms.

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Bai Cao Wei Nougat Pastry

BaiJia Ah Kuan Spicy and Sour Noodle

Hong Tu Yam Chip

Hong Yun Peanut Crisp

OiShi Potato Chips Beef Stew

Bourbon Rich Chocolate_Chocolate Potato Chips

Ichiran Ramen Pack

Marutai Ramen Saga Beef Salt

Morinaga Baked Creamy Cheese Chocolate

Sunaoshi Kitakata Soy Sauce Ramen Cup Noodle

Cosmos Sweet and Hot Snack

Darda Honey Butter Popcorn

Haitai Sang Sang Chips Rainbow

Samyang Hot Chicken Cheese Big Bowl

Samyang Jjajang Ramen

Mi Goreng Instant Noodle

Ny. Siok Fish Crackers

Ny. Siok Shrimp Sticks

Silver Queen Cashew Chocolate

Sosro Teh Botol

Veget Oyster Mushroom

Jiraporn Banana Chips

Mama Oriental Kitchen Dry Instant Salted Egg Noodles

Nissin Thai Signature Instant Noodles Dry Stirr Fry

VFoods Mix Biscuit Sticks Crab Curry

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Waiting for GaiGai to bring in snacks from UK! The UK has a wide variety of sweet and savoury food items. Bring in street food, too(?) No? Also waiting for their next USER SNACKS REQUEST SURVEY – it’s akin to taking snacks order from us! Cool shit GaiGai has there

Quite shiok lei.. FREE delivery with NO minimum order + can refer friends for a $2 in-app voucher – NO. LIMIT. TO. THIS. The Japan snacks.. Hou. I approve. Was supposed to travel to Hokkaido in 2020.. ZZZZ.. Ordering Japan snacks not the same as travel Japan but better than nth

11/10 life-saver cox quite tired of the food in Singapore already. There’s limited new food that to try in SG. Thanks, GaiGai. Bring in the European countries too, pls. Thks!

Such a huge variety of snacks! I’m glad they do regional imports – the snacks are from countries I was supposed to travel to in 2020. I bought the jjajang myeon from the Korean shelf – SAH. GOOD.

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